Vehicle Mould Removal and Remediation

Our proven mould removal process is now available for vehicles.

Developed after 15 years of advanced mould removal in buildings, our proven process can remediate mould from your vehicle and prevent future growth.

We all know there are a lot of health risks when mould is present. Enclosed ares such as vehicles present a concentrated risk.

The musty smell that hits you when the car door opened, is the M-VOCs that mould gives off as it grows. Even if it is not stinky, that doesn’t mean there is no mould, it could be that it doesn’t have enough water to be growing and is in a dormant state.


Do you guarantee the vehicle will be mould free?

Conventional mould removal would require removing any porous material such as carpet or upholstery. We can do that but most of our customers want us to clean what’s there and we think our process does a good job in doing that.

Are there limitations to the process?

There are areas that we cant physically get to such as deep inside the ducting, and for those areas we rely on the ozone gas to neutralize any mould spores so they will not continue to grow.


There are no treatments that render a car ‘Mould proof’. After removal of mould there are some instances when the mould staining is still in place despite the active mould growth being removed and the fabric being clean.

How do I prevent this from happening again?

Mould loves moisture! Our goal is to get the car back to being dry and safe to be in. After it leaves our facility your goal should be to keep the moisture as low as possible to prevent mould from returning.

Mould Removal Process

  • HEPA Vacuum

    Remove dust and fungal spore structures 'fuzzies' from a vehicle with a HEPA vacuum. To clean as far as possible into the vents and ducting, we use agitators connected to the HEPA vacuum.

  • Oxidative Wash

    We use an oxidative wash on all accessible hard surfaces using aqueous ozone and hydrogen peroxide.

  • Oxidative Steam

    For all porous surfaces, like carpets, seats, floor mats, seat belts, etc, we use oxidative steam cleaning, which uses stabilized aqueous ozone to deep clean.

  • Ozone

    Oxidative fogging with ozone gas, including recirculated gas through the vehicle's ducting system to clean, deodorize and sanitize.

  • Air Scrubbing

    HEPA filtered air scrubbing inside vehicle

  • Dehumidify

    This sucks all the moisture out of the interior to stop mould growth.

  • Disinfect

    We use an antimicrobial disinfectant which makes an inhospitable to mould growing in the future.

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