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Post Life Sanitation

Choosing Hazpro Environmental guarantees you and your loved ones a discreet, compassionate, prompt and technical approach to the stressful and often shocking situation involving finding a loved one deceased.

Often times, when a loved one is found deceased the family is left unsure of what steps to take to make the home safe again. Trusting Hazpro’s certified biohazard remediation specialists ensures that you, your loved ones, and your property will be taken care of in a discreet, respectful, and professional manner.

Hazpro is here for you during this traumatic and difficult time.

For caregivers, families and property managers.

  • Fast, efficient clean up services for what can be an otherwise difficult and stressful time
  • Enabling next of kin to index and store belongings in a dignified way once initial decontamination is complete
  • Multiple services for sanitization, biological waste removal, ventilation, deodorization for living spaces and common areas

Hazpro Experience

Specializing in response to sudden accidental discovery of deceased persons.

Why risk the health and safety of your loved ones?

When tragedy strikes, you’ll have a lot to deal with. The scene in of itself can be extremely traumatic. This situation can lead to added grief and stress.

We can help alleviate that stress.

At Hazpro our clients are like our own family and we treat every traumatic scene with the care, dignity and respect that we would if it was our family in distress.

Our Proven process for getting the unit back to normal as fast and discreetly as possible:

  • Place the unit under negative pressure to prevent noxious odors from getting into adjacent units and or the hallway
  • Removal of permeable contents that are contaminated with Bio-material
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces affected
  • Ozone gas at levels high enough to disinfect hard to reach places and remove odors
  • Scene prepped for family viewing if necessary

hazpro-our team is ready to help!

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