Ozone Odour Treatment

Hazpro Environmental provides professional ozone treatment services for Victoria BC and all of Vancouver Island.

The first step in treating your space with ozone is to call our office and speak to a member of our team so we can verify ozone is the best way option for treating your space.

Treat Odours, Bacteria and Viruses

Ozone odour treatment is effective on furniture, carpets, walls, kitchens, floors, etc. It’s ideal for musty apartments, smokey hotel rooms, restaurants and lingering kitchen odours.

At high levels, ozone is dangerous to humans and any other organic material. However, the half-life of ozone is quite short and weaken as it eliminates the organic material it encounters. Over a small amount of time, a room filled with ozone will break down and become a breathable atmosphere once again.

Our experts use precision equipment to closely monitor the level of ozone in your space to ensure the all organics material has been eliminated as well as ensuring that area is safe to re-enter for you, your family, and pets. Ozone leaves no chemical residue only oxygen.

Use Ozone to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This technology can be used to sterilize office spaces, clinics, and homes in an effort to combat the Coronavirus outbreak.

Where is Ozone most effective?

Sometimes odours and smells and are inherited from previous homeowners and sometimes they accumulate over time form use or neglect. Can you still smell the last homeowner’s cats? Does your garage smell like an ashtray? Ozone treatment is a great solution for odours in these areas. In fact, ozone treatment can be useful in treating areas like basements, crawlspaces, storage areas and seldom accessed rooms. Places where people have smoked, pets odours, stale carpets/furniture, recent construction or renovation, rental units can all be remedied with ozone treatment.

Why do we offer Ozone Treatment?

Initially, we used ozone as a final clean process for mold remediation projects as it gets into areas that are only accessible by a gas. After having great success with this method of mold decontamination, we found a side effect, which was the removal of other VOC’s removal such as, pet odor, smoke, and general mustiness.

Levels of Treatment

At Hazpro Environmental we offer a range of patented ozone treatment options at affordable prices. Contact our experts today for a fast and friendly consultation.