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Haz-Techs Needed!

We are looking for workers who want to move up in the company and learn valuable skills.

Creating a positive working environment is part of our culture. Working for HazPro is a fun, yet challenging experience. We often plan BBQ’s, paintball, and dodgeball tournaments, and we look forward to including you in our family. Apply today!

What We Offer

What Hazpro Provides:

  • Opportunities for growth.
  • Asbestos, mould, protective equipment and hantavirus training.
  • A positive work environment.


What Hazpro Requires:

  • A valid BC driver’s license.
  • First Aid certificate (preferred).

The Job

At Hazpro your duties would include:

  • Removal of asbestos containing material from residential and commercial buildings, such as drywall, vinyl flooring, plaster, insulation and more.
  • Performing Mould removal and other abatement work in attics, crawlspaces and living spaces.
  • Carefully following WorkSafeBC and company procedures for keeping yourself, other workers and clients safe.
  • Continuously educating yourself about best practices and safety procedures.



  • Pay up to $52,000 a year after being able to prove their knowledge through our inhouse testing process. (assuming full time work)
  • Quarterly bonuses that are based on production, quality of work, and customer feed back.
  • This is a transparent process that’s quantifiable as well as reviewed weekly, we want you to achieve these.
  • Company vehicle to take home as part of our carpooling program
  • Extended health plan
  • BBQ’s and team building events such as paintball


  • In house training weekly with a graduated pay structure based on your efforts and willingness to learn WorkSafe regulations. Starting at $18-$22
  • Carpooling program in place for Haztechs
  • Extended health plan
  • BBQ’s and team building events such as paintball
  • We value our family time and try to do little overtime and have no on call type work


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