Vermiculite Removal in Victoria BC

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Vermiculite is a type of insulation that is common in the attics of older homes, and is often asbestos containing.

While undisturbed vermiculite does not present an immediate concern, many insurers will charge extra if your attic contains it, and some many not even insure you at all. Also, if you are planning on selling your house, home inspectors will note vermiculite, lowering the value of your home. On the positive side, once it’s removed, you can add much more effective forms of insulation worry free, increasing your home heating efficiency and increasing the value of your home.

Traditionally, vermiculite removal has been an expensive and time consuming process. Workers would hand-bag all insulation into small 6mm poly bags, clean them off, pass them through a thorough decontamination process, and then carry them through the home to the outside.

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  • Greatly reduced risk of cracked ceilings
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