The use of Ozone in Sterilizing the Coronavirus

The use of Ozone in Sterilizing the Coronavirus

Hazpro has been using ozone as part of our mould remediation process for two years now; the properties of gas have a unique way of getting to areas that are inaccessible using manual methods. We have also been very successful in using Ozone to remove odors such as smoke, animal urine and general mustiness from rental properties and homes.

Recently we have been asked by our customers if this technology can be used to sterilize their office spaces, clinics and homes in an effort to combat the Coronavirus outbreak.

While there are no studies to date regarding the use of Ozone on COVID-19 (except one that is currently ongoing in China at the Institute of Virology in Hubei), there are 17 scientist studies showing Ozone can kill the SARS Coronavirus, which is nearly identical. From a study titled “Development of a Practical Method for Using Ozone gas as a Virus Decontaminating Agent,” we pulled the following excerpt: “All 12 viruses tested, on different hard and porous surfaces, and in the presence of biological fluids, could be inactivated by at least 3Log (99.9%)”

From a study done by McDonnell and Russel in 1999, they report: “In order to decrease or eradicate virus contaminants in inaccessible locations, such as crevices, fixtures, underside of furniture, etc……. Since Ethylene oxide is not considered an acceptable alternative, then gaseous ozone should be should be the best choice available.”

CoronavirusBased on the studies above and our past experience we have developed a system to effectively disinfect your home, office, school or clinic. We are currently working out logistics such as scheduling and protocol for site access but if you would like to find out more please call the office at 250-891-4977

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