We Are Hiring: Top Reasons To Work At Hazpro

Here at Hazpro, we are always seeking new ways to create positive work environments for our employees. Are you an individual seeking a fun, yet challenging experience to advance your career? We are currently hiring for Haztech positions, click here to learn more about what the job entails. When you join the Hazpro team, you are welcomed into a family that loves hosting events such as BBQ’s and various team-building events – you won’t want to miss! Read on to find the top reasons to work with us at Hazpro.

Recently Increased Wages And More Benefits Of Working At Hazpro

If you identify as a reliable individual and have a valid driver’s license and first aid certifications, we want you on our team! We have just recently raised our hourly wages for our Haztech positions to $18. The hourly wage can increase to $23 to $25 within 6 months, based on performance and experience. In addition to our increased wages, we have a bonus pay structure based on production, quality of work, and customer satisfaction paid out every three months – ranging from an average of $500 to $1,000 per quarter. 

After individuals have worked for 6 months, they will receive extended benefits such as health benefits, access to our carpool program – that enables you to take home a company vehicle, and opportunities to join fun events like BBQ’s, paintball, and dodgeball tournaments. We strongly value our family time and strive to do little overtime and have no “on call” work. 


What A Typical Day Looks Like At Hazpro

Once hired, you will begin your training process at Hazpro. We have created an on-site training area in our warehouse to host weekly training sessions for practical demonstrations – the first of its kind on the island. Training also takes place in our crew room. Before you start your morning, help yourself to a cup of coffee or a quick pick-me-up breakfast snack. At the end of the day, settle down with a little friendly competition around our pool table. Best of all, freshen up by taking a shower at the end of your work day. We strive to make the workplace an enjoyable to look forward to coming each day. 

Get Hired At Our Job Fair: September 12th 2019

Are you looking to dive into a career that is ever changing with many opportunities for learning and growth? Here are some of the top reasons to work for us: 

  • Stay dry inside! The job typically takes place indoors, avoiding the unpredictable weather changes.
  • Go home each day clean and refreshed. We have in-house showers for you.
  • Be respected and valued for your skills, talents, and abilities. 

If you resonate with those values and benefits we offer at Hazpro, come and visit us at our job fair on Thursday, September 12th 2019, on site at our Victoria location: 944 North Park Street Victoria, BC V8T 1C6

Contact us for more information: hr.pheiffer@gmail.com