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Your Nanaimo Home Could be at a Greater Risk of Asbestos Contamination

asbestos removal - vermiculite removal

According to WorkSafeBC, any house built prior to 1990 could potentially contain asbestos. With house built from 1975 and earlier being the most likely, homes that are even 100 years old could contain the hazardous material as renovations, additions and changes made over the years could have introduced materials that blend into the original but are asbestos-containing. Asbestos can be found in vermiculite, insulations, pipe wrap and boiler insulation, cement pipe, textured ceilings, wallboard and siding, flooring (adhesives), in drywall mud/joint filler, roofing shingles, artificial fire logs, gaskets and a wide range of other materials.

With a large number of Nanaimo’s neighbourhoods comprised of character homes and old construction, having a professional come in before the purchase of a home can help you protect yourself and your family.

Neighbourhoods and areas at the highest risk of asbestos contamination

  • Departure Bay
  • Brechin Hill
  • Old City Nanaimo
  • Harewood
  • Haliburton
  • Chase River
  • Northfield

In a busy market like that of Nanaimo, renovation budgets can be limited when buying a home. It can be quite a shock for new home-owners to discover that they require a hazardous material survey prior to a renovation or demolition, and depending on the results, potentially also have asbestos removal work done. This can not only cause time delays but also result in a substantial increase in costs.

From our experience, insurance and financial companies are getting stricter in their requirements when it comes to asbestos in the home. Because many require that certain types of asbestos materials are removed prior to obtaining insurance or a mortgage, this is almost always an unexpected situation for the new home-owner. In order to avoid this surprise, dealing with the hazardous materials prior to purchasing the home or before the start of a renovation helps ensure you know exactly what you are going home to upon completion of the transaction.

asbestos removal Nanaimo - vermiculite removal - asbestos removal

In order to address any unseeable issues, many home buyers will add a hazmat survey into their “Subject To” conditions when making an offer on a home. Some benefits of doing this are:

  • Knowing if asbestos is present and the potential remediation costs prior to purchasing the home
  • Allows you to negotiate pricing
  • Reduces the potential for health risks during future renovations as the hazardous materials are already identified and mapped
  • Potentially reduce the costs of the hazmat survey by splitting the costs with the seller
  • Identifies possible problems that could occur when trying to obtain home insurance or a mortgage and allows for these concerns to be addressed prior to purchasing

Some key things to remember when having a hazmat survey completed:

  • Ensure that the hazmat survey is completed by a qualified AHERA certified inspector so that the survey can be used to obtain a building/demo permit and satisfy WorkSafeBC regulations when hiring contractors
  • Remember that asbestos can be found in drywall, lathe and plaster, sheet vinyl flooring, vinyl tiles, asbestos duct tape, fiberboard, texture coatings, vermiculite, pipe lagging, boiler parging, roofing, asbestos siding, stucco, ceiling tiles, mastic and more. Make sure that all of the possibly containing materials are being sampled

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