Mould Removal – Common causes of mould issues in a home

What are some of the common causes of mould issues in a home?

In order to prevent mold growth, the air inside a home should be under 60% relative humidity. In homes where the humidity level exceeds this, we often find the culprit is inadequate air circulation. Ovens and bathrooms that are improperly vented, or not vented at all, can leave warm moist air in the home. Using bathroom and kitchen fans often, and leaving windows and doors open whenever possible, will help to increase air circulation.

Air can hold more moisture the warmer it is, meaning the relative humidity (the percentage of moisture in the air) will decrease the warmer it is. As a result, making sure the home is adequately heated can go a long way towards alleviating humidity problems.

Another common culprit is insufficient or improperly installed perimeter drains, which can mean the foundation of your home is not sitting above the water table, causing moisture to seep into the basement.

Lastly, leaks and floods are a common problem that can result in mold growth. Mould can grow within 48 hours of a leak occurring, so it’s important that leaks and floods are cleaned up as soon as possible and the affected area inspected after clean up to ensure no mold has taken hold.

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